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A Century on Paper

January 10–February 17, 2023

Fernand Léger Composition d’éléments mécaniques, c. 1930
Donald Hamilton Fraser 
Jean Hélion Femme accoudée, 1946
Peter Kinley Standing Figure (II), 1960
André Derain  Nu debout de face, c. 1937–40
Jacques Villon Renee de trois quarts, 1911
Marino Marini Petite Pomone, 1943
Aristide Maillol Dina de face, 1940
Henry Moore Seated Nude, 1929
Henry Moore Three Heads, 1979
Maurice Brianchon Étude pour 'Nu aux bas rouges', c. 1958
Giacomo Manzù Figura Sdraiata, c. 1970
Frank Dobson Two Women, 1943
Morris Barazani Untitled (Derek Timmerman), 1970s
Morris Barazani  Collage #16, 1964
Giacomo Balla Forze spaziali (Project for a lampshade), c. 1920
Jean Crotti Prière Bolcheviki, 1920
Dorothy Dehner People and Buildings #11, 1949
Dorothy Dehner Burst #5, 1953
Dorothy Dehner Untitled #53, 1951
Dorothy Dehner Untitled #63, 1950
Paul Éluard Le cirque (Triptyque), 1913
Albert Gleizes Portrait de Florent Schmitt, 1915
Juan Gris Bouquet de fleurs, c. 1920
Henri Hayden Nature morte au compotier, 1920
Henri Hayden Vue sur le canal, c. 1913
Christo Project for a Temporary Wall of Oil Drums Rue Visconti Paris VI, 1961
Oleg Kudryashov Construction (Plates 1857,1858,1859), 1989
Marie Laurencin Portrait de femme, 1905
Henri Laurens Aphrodite et Séléné, 1950
Henri Laurens Zeus et Hermès, 1950
Marguerite Louppe Étude pour une affiche d'exposition pour la Galerie René Drouet, 1958
Marguerite Louppe Étude pour une affiche d'exposition pour la Galerie René Drouet, 1958
Marguerite Louppe Étude pour une affiche d'exposition pour la Galerie René Drouet, 1958
Jean Lurçat Les baigneuses, 1933
Jean Lurçat Le ruisseau, 1930
Fernand Léger Fêtes de la faim, 1948
Beatrice Mandelman Untitled, 1960s
Bernard Meadows Two Fallen Birds, 1960
Kenneth Stubbs Still Life with Pipe and Bottle, 1934
Kenneth Stubbs Geometric Still Life, c. 1954
Léopold Survage La ville, feuilles et main, 1931
Léopold Survage Rythme colore, 1918
Graham Sutherland Project for Coventry, 1950
Graham Sutherland Study for Firebird, 1975
Henry Valensi Les Casbahs du Haut Atlas (étude n°2), 1931
Jeffrey Wasserman Untitled, c. 1985

Press Release

Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present A Century on Paper, a group exhibition celebrating the innovative methods of preeminent European and American artists who created works on paper throughout the twentieth century. 

Featuring 46 artworks, A Century on Paper brings together a diverse range of artists, linked by their common interest in working on paper. Figurative sketches, such as Marino Marini’s Petite Pomone (1943) or Henry Moore’s Seated Nude (1929), are testaments to paper’s role in the artistic process, while fully realized works, such as Fernand Léger’s Fêtes de la faim (1948) or Oleg Kudryashov’s Construction (Plate 552) (1983), demonstrate the breadth of paper as an artistic medium. 

A ubiquitous material for many centuries, paper has served as both a reliable and, at times, unexpected, receptacle for works of art. Typically more accessible and immediate than paint on canvas, a work on paper can often provide an artist the opportunity to visualize new methods or grander ideas. In the twentieth century—an era defined by its rapid evolution of artistic styles and conventions—artists prolifically utilized the medium as a blank slate for experimentation. In turn, an examination of works on paper over the twentieth century provides a unique glimpse into the working process of the artists who shaped Modern art. 

Artists included: Giacomo Balla, Morris Barazani, Maurice Brianchon, Christo, Jean Crotti, Dorothy Dehner, André Derain, Frank Dobson, Paul Éluard, Donald Hamilton Fraser, Albert Gleizes, Juan Gris, Henri Hayden, Jean Hélion, Peter Kinley, Oleg Kudryashov, Marie Laurencin, Henri Laurens, Marguerite Louppe, Jean Lurçat, Fernand Léger, Aristide Maillol, Beatrice Mandelman, Giacomo Manzù, Marino Marini, Bernard Meadows, Henry Moore, Kenneth Stubbs, Léopold Survage, Graham Sutherland, Henry Valensi Jacques Villon, Jeffrey Wasserman