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Dorothy Dehner Bolton Landing
Graham Sutherland, Project for Coventry,1950
Henry Moore, Three Heads, 1979
Henry Moore, Drawing for Metal Sculpture, 1935
Peter Kinley, Three Studies for Figures with Mirror and Easel, 1960
Frank Dobson, Two Women, 1943
Lynn Chadwick, Composition, 1961
Robert Adams, Single Curve with Triangles, 1957
Louis Valtat Coupe verte, oranges et citrons, 1909
Jean Hélion Composition Abstraite, 1936
Serge Férat Nature Morte à la Cafetière à la Guitare, c. 1918
Georges Valmier Personnage debout, 1920
Henri Laurens, Femme Nue Allongee, 1937
Beatrice Mandelman Sea Shapes (#1), 1960s
Beatrice Mandelman Untitled (Freaks), c. 1960s
Beatrice Mandelman Sea Shapes (#2), 1960s
Antoine Vollon Nature morte au lieu et aux maquereaux, Late 19th century
Tom John, Untitled, 2017
Tom John, Untitled, 2017
Otto Gutfreund Nature Morte, 1920 - 1924
Brendan Stuart Burns
Peter Kinley Figure with Easel (I), 1962
Prunella Clough Still Life with Mugs, 1988
Henri Laurens Femme à la Draperie, 1932
Robert Marc Untitled (9499)
Maureen Chatfield, Summer Squall, 2016
Ann Christopher In Place of Shadows, 2001, cast in 2010
Sergio de Castro
Ismael González de la Serna
Cam Nguyen Untitled #20 , 2010
Kenneth Stubbs Still Life with Pipe and Bottle, 1934
Léopold Survage Nature Morte au Compotier, c. 1919
Lachlan Thom Hermes, 2013
Maysey Craddock The Shadow of Lost Trees, 2013
Joseph Csaky Composition Cubist, 1919
Marcin Dudek The Major Event, 2013
Marie Laurencin Simone Moreau, 1939
Maximilien Luce Vase de fleurs, 1915-25
François Victor Valtat
François Victor Valtat
Robert Marc Cubist Composition, c. middle - late 20th century
Bernard Meadows Two Fallen Birds, 1960
Oleg Kudryashov Construction (Plates 1857,1858,1859), 1989
Joseph Csaky Imbrication de Cones, 1920
Maureen Chatfield, Joy Ride, 2011
Hans Burkhardt Untitled, 1939
Henri Hayden Nature morte, 1918
Maureen Chatfield, Left Out, 2015
Brendan Stuart Burns
Brendan Stuart Burns, Porcelain Stone Poem series No 0037, 2013
Edmund de Waal, Certosa III, 2015
Kenneth Stubbs, Geometric Still Life, c. 1954
Henri Hayden, Still Life with Compote, 1920
Juan Gris, Bouquet de fleurs, early 1920s
Jean (Hans) Arp
Marcin Dudek, Tricolores, 2013
 Esteban Vicente Untitled, 1980
Balcomb Greene #10, 1935
Morris Barazani, Untitled, 1970's
Blanche Lazzell Abstract Composition, 1924
Reuben Nakian
Reuben Nakian, Voyage to Crete, 1970
Max Weber Woman with a Purple Scarf, 1921
Theodoros Stamos Infinity Field, Lefkada Series #II, 1970
Jules Bissier 2.Dez.61, 1961
Conrad Marca-Relli Standing Figure, 1954
Baltasar Lobo Femme à la chevelure tressée, 1990
Henri Laurens Aphrodite et Séléné, 1935
Henri Laurens, Zeus et Hermès, circa 1950
Morris Barazani, Untitled (Blue), 1963
Henry Moore Seated Nude, 1929
Reuben Nakian, Seal, 1922
Fred Stein, Café, Paris 1935
Fred Stein Children Reading the Newspaper, Paris 1936
Fred Stein Refugee, 1938
Fred Stein, Snow on Bench, New York 1941
Fred Stein Window Washers, Germany 1961
Fred Stein Still Life, New York 1949
Fred Stein Legs, Paris 1935
Fred Stein Fish Platter, Brittany 1935
Fred Stein, Orchard Beach, New York 1946
Fred Stein Le Rêve, Paris 1934
Fred Stein Joie, France 1938
Fred Stein Coney Island, New York 1946
Fred Stein, Fisherman with Net, France 1935
Fred Stein, Rabbi with Cane, Paris 1935
Fred Stein Popular Front, Paris 1936
Reuben Nakian Cupid and Nymph, 1951
Reuben Nakian Europa and the Bull, 1975
Reuben Nakian Abstract, 1970s
Reuben Nakian Nymph, c.1975
Reuben Nakian Duchess of Alba, 1959-60
Reuben Nakian Duchess of Alba, 1959-60
Reuben Nakian Rock Drawing: Duchess of Alba Series, 1955-1960
Reuben Nakian Europa and the Bull, 1975
Reuben Nakian Europa and the Bull, 1979
Reuben Nakian Two Nymphs, 1982
Reuben Nakian, Moon Goddess, 1983
Beatrice Mandelman Black Shape, c. 1960s
Beatrice Mandelman Untitled, c. 1960s
Beatrice Mandelman Untitled, 1960s
Beatrice Mandelman Untitled, c. 1960s
Beatrice Mandelman Grey Abstract Composition, 1960s
Maureen Chatfield Café Noir, 2015
Maureen Chatfield Georgica Pond, 2013
Maureen Chatfield Big Red, 2016
Maureen Chatfield Boulder Hill, 2013-2015
Maureen Chatfield Hither and Yon, 2012
Maureen Chatfield Zebra, 2015
Maureen Chatfield Alex, 2016
Maureen Chatfield Still Hollow Farm, 2016
Maureen Chatfield, Zompino, 2016
Maureen Chatfield, Blue Ridge, 2013
Maureen Chatfield
Maureen Chatfield, Sugar Mill, 2016
Maureen Chatfield, East End, 2014
Maureen Chatfield Number Nine, 2014
Maureen Chatfield, Summer's End, 2015
Brendan Stuart Burns
Brendan Stuart Burns, Fizzle, 2015
Brendan Stuart Burns, Stone Poem series 0010, 2009
Brendan Stuart Burns, Spurt, 2014
Brendan Stuart Burns
Brendan Stuart Burns
Brendan Stuart Burns