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A Different Medium

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Catalogue Introduction


LABELS are an attractive nuisance.  Particularly in the field of art and art history.  An artist is nearly always referred to as a sculptor, or a painter, or a printmaker, or a ceramist, or a tapestry designer, among other possible designations.  Not to mention that the same artist is then further labeled based on their style and manner of expression. The medium in which an artist commonly works in is usually the main method of labeling and defining that artist.


In fact, most artists explore various media as part of their overall creative process or as an avenue to further their primary focus.  Lurçat painted, Chadwick and Moore drew, Nakian made watercolors and ceramics, and Ann Christopher creates intriguing works on paper. We can learn much about an artist by examining artworks that do not fall within the archetypal purview of their medium of work.


A DIFFERENT MEDIUM is an exploration of how a number of artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries engage in the creative process.  This exhibition is not and can not be a complete review of the subject;  there are, obviously, hundreds of other examples throughout the ages.  Rosenberg & Co. is pleased to present their survey and invite you to join the conversation.