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Catalogue Introduction


LOUIS RIBAK was in all respects fully committed to his aesthetic vision, to his independence of thought, and to his social convictions. He explored and conveyed these convictions over the years through an extraordinarily wide range of works from the Ashcan School to ethereal and bold abstract compositions. Bullfights in Mexico or the discovery of Japanese woodblock prints and rice paper were fodder for his restless creativity, all imbued by fine draftsmanship.


It is a privilege for Rosenberg & Co. to be able to bring light to many pieces of Louis Ribak’s oeuvre that heretofore have never been offered for public viewing.  The ensemble offers a rare and heady discovery of this crtical Taos Modernist.


This exhibition would not have been possible, of course, without the support of The University of New Mexico Foundation which has the privilege and the responsibility of maintaining the Mandelman-Ribak Collection. Henry Nemcik, the President of the Foundation was kind enough to give us a free rein in composing the show. Suzanne Awen, the Executive Project Officer, is, as always, an endless source of careful and timely information on any of the works.  We cannot thank them both enough.