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Catalogue Introduction


ROSENBERG & CO. is honored to present the first New York solo exhibition of Brendan Stuart Burns.  The gallery now shines with the presence of something pure and exceptional.


The source of Burns’s luminous expression is nature in its raw state and its infinite variations of textures, forms, and colors. The lines between reality and abstraction are blurred.  We are transported on waves of harmonious colors and balanced dynamic composition. Stones of subtle hues, cascading leaves of paint. It is sheer beauty.


Showing the work of Brendan Burns is a continuation of the Rosenberg tradition of exhibiting remarkable British artists, such as Kenneth Armitage, Donald Hamilton Fraser, Peter Kinley, Bernard Meadows, and Graham Sutherland. Showcasing paintings, drawings, and sculpture by Burns is a perfect extension of that legacy.


The privilege of exhibiting Burns’s work is only increased by the great pleasure of working with our friends at Osborne Samuel, whose support and contribution in the preparation of this exceptional event were invaluable.