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Catalogue Introduction


“Le cubisme est l’art de peindre des ensembles nouveaux avec des elements empruntés non à la réalité de vision, mais à la réalité de conception.”  Guillaume Appollinaire


Cubism is, according to Guillaume Apollinaire, the art of depicting new composite with elements borrowed not from the reality of vision but from that of ideas.  The formal historical definition of Cubism is considered to be an avant-garde art movement of the early twentieth century in which objects are depicted from a multitude of viewpoints to represent the subject as part of its context.  


The definition matters much less than the irrefutable fact that from the seed of Cubism grew a reassessment of pictorial perspectives that endured through subsequent movements.  It remains an endless source of wonderment and influence.  The movement’s very essence enables interpretation and integration into various other art forms and media.  The visual language and the geometric clues of Cubism are like Lego pieces with endless construction possibilities.


Art historians may debate when Cubism reached its apogee, how or where it was modified, and how it was abandoned.  A wider and bolder perspective on Cubism reveals that Cubism in its very essence remains a vibrant and ever present source of inspiration and expression to this very date.


This exhibition of course does not purport to provide a complete retrospective of the history and evolution of Cubism.  It is an invitation to a voyage through one of the most enduring visual and intellectual ideas in the arts.