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Catalogue Introduction


It is an unmitigated joy to show the vibrant works of Beatrice Mandelman.  She was and remains a singularly engaging character – a woman with her own style, determination, energy, and fearlessness.  She was her own painter, and her works reflect intensity and beauty, strength and fragility.  The Sixties’ counter-culture was an important backdrop for Mandelman’s convictions and her artistic expression.  Beatrice Mandelman’s work is vibrant and convincing.


It is our honor to work with The University of New Mexico Foundation to highlight Mandelman’s important contributions.  After her death, the Foundation became the repository of the works of Mandelman as well as those of her husband, Louis Ribak.  We are dedicated to working with the Foundation to enhance Mandelman’s legacy.  We can only express here our profound delight in finding at the Foundation such enthusiasm for and understanding of art. The Foundation’s mission is to support excellence in education, including through scholarships to students.  The combination of art and education is just perfect.


Henry Nemcik as the President of The University of New Mexico Foundation should be applauded for his vision of education and his confident leadership of the Mandelman/Ribak project. This exhibition, however, could not have happened without the unrelenting support and talent of Suzanne Awen executive project officer at the Foundation. Our appreciation as well to Giulia Urquart, counsel to the Foundation, who enabled this special and long-term cooperation with Rosenberg & Co.


Beatrice Mandelman has found a new home and we are honored to welcome her.