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Marcin Dudek
b. 1979, Krakow, Poland

Marcin Dudek is a contemporary Polish artist known for both his installations and smaller-scale pieces. Born in Krakow, his works are informed by his childhood growing up in Soviet-era concrete housing projects, which he found oppressively monotonous due to their repeated architectural forms. Guided by these pivotal childhood experiences, Dudek attempts to elevate mundanity into art through unexpected juxtapositions and placements of forms. He often incorporates commonplace industrial materials, such as PVC tape and vinyl, into his works. His installations are concerned with enclosed spaces, how we construct them, and how they impose upon us.

Previously, Dudek’s work has addressed the tunnels used by drug smugglers along the US-Mexican boarder, and the tunnels excavated by the Vietcong during the Vietnam War. Dudek’s smaller works often appear like geometric maps of such spaces.

The artist has had solo shows in London, Brussels, and Singapore, and lives and works between London and Salzburg, Austria.